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Basic Maintenance

A Few Tips:

• Regular oil changes are important to keep your engine in optimum condition
• Washing your car regularly and waxing it occassionally keep the bodywork shiny and corrosion free
• Take care of any minor concerns as soon as possible to avoid serious problems and an expensive repair later
• Use original parts


How to check engine oil

Engine coolant



Note, the information contained in these guides is for educational purposes only and cannot be substituted for the advice of professional mechanic or authorised dealer. Different cars have different requirements; for the information specific to your own car please consult your owner's manual or call your local dealer. Do not attempt to service your car if you don't have proper knowledge and/or tools, you can be injured and your vehicle damaged.

In no circumstance will Car Mobile Mecahnics accept any liability for any losses or damages of any kind, which may arise from any error or result in any entry.

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